We love Accounting

For the past year, we have participated in recruiting activities to try and determine the best fit for us among the Big 4 accounting firms.   We were blessed with different opportunities, but realized that at the end of the day, we would have to choose one firm to intern with this upcoming summer. 

After much prayer and consideration and what seemed to be the hardest decision we've ever made, we accepted on internship with PwC this summer in San Jose, CA.  
(This was me doodling on a chalkboard the day we chose to go with PwC.) 
We really felt like PwC was the right choice for us.  

Every time we prayed, we received the same answer. 

Sometimes it is not always easy to follow answers to prayers, but you just have to have faith that God knows best and everything will work out.  
(Celebrating at Pizzeria 712)
Although I grew up in the Bay Area, I never spent that much time in the South Bay.  So before we moved out to San Jose for the summer, we wanted to take a tour of the area and Aaron wanted me to see his future office.  

So who do you go to in a time of such need?

The one and only Matthew Robert Brigham.  

 Matt grew up in Los Altos and knows the South Bay ropes.  

He was kind enough to take us around, show us the area and let us spend the night before we all (Matt, Aaron and I) drove down to Southern California for Ellen's wedding.  

(A blurry picture of the San Jose PwC Office.
Notice the PwC sign in the upper right hand corner of the building.)  
We are excited to find out why we felt so strongly that Aaron should work with PwC and can't wait for a sunny summer in California!

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