Monday Thoughts

I've found that sometimes I just need to list out all the things that are on my mind.  So here are my Monday thoughts...

-This week is HOT (well, really it's been the whole month) and when it's hot we start craving our favorite summer peach pizza.  I made it twice last week.  I shared the recipe I use here if you're interested.

-I've instituted "Monday Laundry Day" around here and so far it's been pretty successful.  We don't go anywhere on Monday, which works out well to recover from the weekend and get the house in order.  I make big piles in the morning of colors, whites, kids clothes, sheets and towels and then slowly hack away at them all day long.  Today I'm throwing in bath mats too.  I used to do laundry sporadically but it felt like we were always out of something because it needed to be washed.  It's really refreshing to have everything clean at once.  The trick though is getting it all folded in the same day or else it's really hard to make it happen the next day.  I'm still working on that part.

-It seems the list of things we need to buy for our house is never ending but I'm kind of sick of shopping for the moment.  I realized the other day that there are tons of little projects I've neglected that don't take any shopping to complete.  I made a list and am going to knock things off of it over the next week.  The list includes: hanging pictures, putting the hardware back on our chest (I took it off a year ago to clean...), getting a clock up in our kitchen, doing a rug swap between rooms, etc. etc.

-Last night I started a little book of memories for Eleanor.  My goal is to write down a sentence before bed here and there about something she did that day.  I'm not going to stress myself out about it but hope I can record little memories just for her.  I found the book on sale at Anthropologie and love it.  I have a little book already for Ford and hope to start writing in it tonight.

-We went on a magical family Sunday drive last night.  Eleanor, Ford and I were all sick and had to stay home from church so it was great to get out of the house.  The biggest reason the drive was magical though was that Ford fell asleep in his car seat without crying and stayed asleep the whole time.  We drove by the temple and then drove around the surrounding homes.

-Yesterday when I was feeling sick and tired, I opened the fridge/freezer to see if there was anything easy I could make.  I can't tell you how happy I was when I found that my mom had put a frozen bag of her spaghetti sauce and meatballs in our freezer.  That lady is a miracle worker.  It was so nice to just have a meal ready to go.  Plus, her meatballs are just the best and make my beef loving husband happy (side note: I rarely cook beef.  It's something I need to work on).

-On Saturday we did a family trip to Home Depot and found some potted plants for our entry way and a hanging pot of flowers for our back porch.  Plants make me instantly happier.  Poor Eleanor and Ford though were looking pretty melted by the end of the trip.

-I've been making eggs in the morning lately and came to the realization (again) that if I have some kind of an egg in the morning the day just goes better.  We love scrambled eggs, over easy eggs and egg sandwiches.  I also love eggs with sweet potatoes (like here) when I'm really on my game.

-The other week I had a really long, rough day in the motherhood department.  When Aaron got home from work, I packed the kids in the car and they left me at home alone for a blissful hour.  I took a shower and then shocked myself by doing the dishes.  In the past, I would have taken that hour to take a nap, read something or do something "fun," but the one thing I really was craving was having a clean home.  And then I did the same thing yesterday.  I got both sick kids asleep and was going to put my own sick self to sleep for a  nap when I realized that I'd feel a lot better if I just went around tidying up our house.  So I skipped the nap and put myself to work.  So weird.  I'm starting to really desire a clean home for myself and my own sanity, whether or not anyone else sees it.

-We put stakes in our fiddle leaf fig last night to help it stand up straighter.  It gives the tree a whole different look.  Almost two years in and this tree has grown a lot.  Our other tree in Eleanor's room isn't fairing as well though :/

-I'm excited for the 4th of July!  It's my one of my favorite holidays of the year.  I still dream of our fun 4th of July celebrations in Provo but we are going to try and make 4th of July in Fresno just as great (if not better!). We have friends coming to town and I can't wait to see our chubby baby boys together (born just days apart).

-Last night, Ford slept without making a peep from 9 pm to 5 am and it was heavenly.  I usually toss and turn through the night with his squawks but I slept solid and I really needed it.  Thank you, baby Ford.

-I printed off a bunch of pictures as part of Father's Day gifts and they have been making me so happy.  I need to print pictures more often.  It's absolutely crazy that I take so many pictures and then never print them.  I share them here on the blog so I feel like I "see" them and yet there is nothing quite like looking at a picture of your cute baby every time you walk down the hall.

I think that's enough Monday thoughts for now.  Hope anyone reading this has a great week!

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