3 Pinterest Meals I've Made and Liked

I've been in somewhat of a food rut recently so I've turned back to my Pinterest board for inspiration.  Pinning recipes on Pinterest can be very hit or miss.  I've had some epic fails where I made a point to delete that pin afterwards so as to never mistakenly make the meal again.  There have been many a mediocre meal where it wasn't great but was satisfactory enough.  I usually keep these mediocre ones pinned but usually never have the desire to make them again.  And then there are those recipes that you keep coming back to and want to share with others because they have made your family life better.

I sifted through my "Main Dishes" board yesterday and thought I'd share three of those Pinterest meals that we keep coming back to.  I've even printed them out and added them to my recipe binder, which is the true test of if I like something or not!  So here they are, my tried and true Pinterest meals...

1. Bombay House Chicken Tikka Masala by Mattawa Mum

We have been making this meal for 3 years now and LOVE it.  I have tried several other Chicken Tikka Masala recipes and Butter Chicken recipes and they are never as good.  Originally I cut the jalapeno and red pepper in half to cut back on the spice but now I just do the recipe as is because we are liking more heat these days.  If you like Indian food and especially if you like Provo's Bombay House then you should make this. 

2. Summer Peach and Balsamic Pizza by Love and Olive Oil
Goodness, we love this sweet pizza.  Nothing is better than ripe summer peaches, so when you couple them with goat cheese, balsamic vinegar reduction and basil you get pure heaven.  To carry this meal into Fall, we swap out the peaches with butternut squash (I just peel and cube the squash and then boil for 5 minutes before adding to pizza).  Try it!!

I love that this is a simple, easy, quick approach to tomato soup.  Much better than canned tomato soup you can buy and rivals the tomato soup from Costco that I love.  I make this recipe with grilled cheese sandwiches for a go-to meal on a crazy day.  

Happy cooking!

*Images via Mattawa Mum, Love and Olive Oil and Christ Loves Julia respectively :)

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