Happy Friday and Things I've Been Loving Lately

I took the following photo a couple Fridays ago when Aaron had just gotten home from work.  It's pure joy around here when Aaron gets home, especially when we are kicking off the weekend and know we will have him around nonstop.  He is definitely the more fun and energetic of Eleanor's two parents so both she and I love it when he's here :) 
We had a great past week with celebrating Aaron's birthday and all.  We are still getting used to saying we are twenty-seven year olds.  I visited our local high school last night for an event and it blew me away that it's been nine years since I've been in high school!  Makes me want to seize every moment and enjoy life--it goes by fast! 

In other news, Eleanor is trying to stand on her own more and more (usually just for a few seconds at a time) which is all sorts of fun for us to see.  She is also saying "momomom" more clearly, making my heart burst every time.

We have a fun weekend of spending time with Aaron's parents and grandparents planned so we are pretty excited for it to be Friday! Hope you all have the best weekend too!

And for fun, here are some things I've been loving lately...

It's the little things as a mother.  Such a great reminder to find joy in a slow paced life.  I find her instagram to be incredibly inspiring as well.

I shared a thought on honesty this week with our 12-13 year old youth group.  We watched this video and the message took me back to my teaching days.  As a teacher, I was so grateful for the parents who instilled values of honesty in their children because it showed when they were in the classroom.

Jessica's yarn wrapped letters in Clara's room are inspiring me to maybe to the same for Eleanor's.  I had them up in her old nursery but haven't taken the time to hang them up in this house.  They really are spectacular, Jess!

Loved reading about this project. A cause worth supporting.

I've been inspired by large map prints recently, especially herehere, and here.  It would be fantastic to find a large vintage map that's already been framed but if not, here is an an affordable one (it's huge!).

After finishing Eleanor's baby quilt I'm thinking this approach to quilting isn't so bad.  You can find the fabric for it here.

I've got floral Easter dresses on my mind for Eleanor.  We always had special Easter dresses growing up so I'd love to continue the tradition in our family.  Here are a few of my favorites at a variety of price points: Mini Boden, Old Navy, Target, and Zara etc.

Happy Friday the 13th!

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