What Eleanor's Been Saying Lately

While looking at the water dispense in the fridge, she says "Hi water! Wanna come inside me?"

"Hug, squeeeeeeze, kiss!" She says this every night before bed as she gives us first a wimpy hug, then a tight hug and then a kiss.

"Tag goes on bottom, Mommy."  I've been teaching her how to put her pants and underwear on the right way and she loves to turn it on me and teach me back.

"Mommy watch!" And then in a deep, belting voice she sings, "Twinkle, twinkle wittle star..."  Cracks me up every time.

"Oh hi buddy!!" She says this to Ford now and it is adorable.

"Fordy's awake!! I get him.  Mommy, you stay here!"

"Daddy's the BEST!"

Eleanor: "Daddy goes to Daddy's office?"
Me: "Yes, Eleanor.  Daddy's going to work"
Eleanor: "Daddy goes to work with the horseys!! I want to work with the horseys too!"
Back in May we went to Aaron's work BBQ where there was a full rodeo with horses.  Eleanor now thinks that Daddy works with the horses all the time.

When she couldn't find the ostrich that goes to her zoo puzzle, she stood up and said, "Go to the store and find the ostriches!!"

"Where my headphones at?"

Me on Sundays: "Eleanor guess what we are doing today?"
Eleanor (in a very excited voice, as if it's Christmas morning): "Go to church!!?? And NURSERY???!!!!"
That girl loves her nursery time.

"Daddy, build the tallest tower in the wooooorld!!"

"Mommy, Daniel Tiger eats tomatoes.  I wanna eat tomatoes too!"  I quickly seize the moment that Eleanor is actually asking to eat healthy food and cut up a tomato to offer her.  She takes one lick and then says, "Too cold!!"

"Fordy's crying! Where's his peeko?  I get it."  Then she runs to his room, grabs his pacifier out of his crib, runs back and sticks it in his mouth.  This is a very awesome big sister trait she has going on.

She gets her sandals on, pushes her baby doll in the stroller towards the garage door and says, "Mommy, I need keeeeys!"  She'd drive away if I let her.

Talking to herself while riding on her toy car, "Wheezy, will you push me on the car? Ok.  Let's go..." Eleanor's cousin Eloise (Wheezy) lives three hours away but that doesn't stop Eleanor from pretend playing with her.

"Mommy, what ya doin'?" and "Mommy, what ya makin'?"  All day long.

"Daniel Tiger says, 'If you have to go potty, STOP, and go right away...'"

"Mommy, Mommy I did yucky poopies!  Come, see!"  (The joys of potty training)

Every time she prays, "Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for this day.  Bless Addy, Wheezy, Dama (Grandma), Dampa (Granpda), Nana, Papa, Molly..." And on and on.  She always ends with a very loud, "AMEN!"

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