May Happenings

Eleanor loves these overalls from her Aunt Nie Nie.  They remind my of my childhood too and I love it.

Ford has started playing with the hanging toys above him!  I always love that milestone :)

Jessica and I went to the Clovis Flea Market in May, which is now becoming a tradition.  I've been on the hunt for a hutch and was pretty excited when we found this one.  I'm terrible at pulling the trigger on big purchases so I was so grateful Jessica was there to reassure me.  She (the hutch) now lives in our living room and I love her.

My boys...

Ford wore this outfit practically everyday when he was 2 months old.  I love it.

 Aaron taught Eleanor to say "cool dude" whenever she wears sunglasses.

Baby boy suspenders!!

Classy mother's lounge photo

Tummy time again!  So many pictures just like this on my phone.  This was the first time though that we seemed to be making true progress.  Look at that head lift!

A blissful afternoon.  Eleanor playing in the pool and Ford sitting calmly in his bouncy chair.  This was before the scorching weather set in and it was so nice to just sit outside and soak up the fresh air.

This was one of those "goodness, he's perfect" moments.

A fun outing with friends.

He lays more calmly now but still does the froggy legs.

Sibling love, it's just the best!  She really is this sweet with him all the time.

I realized I hadn't been in a picture with Ford lately so I went over to one of our massive mirrors and snapped this.  My little sweetheart.

She loves putting people to sleep with all of her blankets.  I loved that this time she made Daddy sleep with her baby.

He's always so happy on the changing table.  And I was so excited for him to be able to wear this cute outfit finally.

Cute friends for Eleanor

They wanted to swaddle their babies all at the same time.

I love that these two have each other.  I always pinch myself that I get to raise my kids with Jessica's kids in their lives.

May is for peonies!  This was my most successful peony bouquet from Trader Joes but the others all died so quickly this year.  Hopefully next year we'll have better luck!

Well hey there Ford!

She swaddled her baby, held her upright like so and started bouncing her up and down by bending at the knees.  Ford's been getting harder to get to sleep as of late so I've been doing a lot of this swaddling and bouncing.  It always so astounding to me just how observant she is.

Post nursing smiles.

Our favorite swaddler (the Miracle Blanket).  He's been kicking one leg out so this is how he usually sleeps these days.

I my Youth Conference planning committee (made up of me and two high school seniors in our stake) out to ice cream at our favorite ice cream place, Ampersand.  Eleanor was pretty jazzed that she got to tag along too.   She wanted to try all the options.

Trying to cook dinner and I turn around to see this.  Yes, those are her panties on her head.

Starting to pack for Riverside.  This is my new packing approach.  I put everything on my bed in piles, double my list and then pile things into bags and baskets.  I love having a little basket for Eleanor and a little basket for Ford.  I used to pack Eleanor things into my suitcase but all her tiny clothes would get mixed in with mine mid-way through vacation and it was maddening.  Plus, I basket it makes it easier to see everything and easier to throw stuff in.  These are the gems of wisdom you develop two and a half years into mothering.

Her new thing is putting foam stickers on our wall.

Eating strawberry freezer jam from my visiting teacher (aka Jessica Marcum).  I could drink that stuff everyday and never be satisfied. SO GOOD!

Our first hot week in Fresno was a doozy.  It jumped from 80's to 100's all at once.  You know you live in a hot place when you're jumping for joy that it's going to finally be 93 one day.

Just home from the park and I had to take a picture of him.  Those shorts look like they are going to swallow him up.  Plus bonnets are going to be a summer hat trick.  No burned baby heads around here (fingers crossed!).

She kisses him all the time. So sweet.

Going through her stacks of artwork.  We picked out her favorites and then hung them on strings in her room.  It's a temporary fix til we figure out a better system but it's working for now.  Now when she paints something new she says, "Put it on the wall in my roooooom!"

I painted her toes for the first time.  She asks me to paint them now all the time :)

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