April Randomness

I have so many random snapshots (mostly on my phone) and it's just such a bummer that they often get lost in my abyss of photos.  So in order to fight losing these gems, I am going to share them all here.  And I'm going to split it into sections since there are way too many for one post, starting with the first half of April.

Ford is so happy when he wakes up!  And I can't get enough of his spiky-fresh-out-of-a-bath hair.

We watched General Conference the first weekend in April and this was the set up Eleanor requested for viewing, Ford's baby bassinet and Ford's baby blanket.  So funny!

And then she gave up on the bassinet and snuggled with Daddy.

We had a dove lay her eggs in our patio pergola.  Eleanor and I would check on her every morning.  We named her Lucy.  I'd ask Eleanor, "Where's Lucy?" And she'd run to the window and point.

Bedtime scriptures in Ford's room. Eleanor now wants to read them to us.  It makes our hearts happy except when it sometimes turns into a stalling tactic and then we have to take the scriptures away.  It's hard to take away scriptures from your child when they are saying, "More scriptures Mommy!!!" ha.

Snuggles and plaid.

This outfit just kills me. Thank you Lindee for the flannel onesie!

A girl and her make-up.  It's a daily thing around here.

The park!  These were the good old days when Ford would sleep in his carseat for an hour as Eleanor and I played.  She loves the "swiiiings" and the "swiiiiides" (slides).

Tummy time!!!

A picture I sent to Aaron saying, "Look, I got dressed for the day!"

Eleanor went through a major cookie making phase.  One day I was nursing Ford on the couch and looked away from Eleanor for one minute.  When I turned back she had the flour, oatmeal and rice on the living room floor and was about to scoop.  I got to her before any major damage was done but she was not happy that I took away her ingredients ("but I make cooookiessss!!!").  Those containers are now on the top shelf of the pantry and the pantry has a childproof handle on it.

Ford's 2 month appt and Eleanor's follow up on her iron levels.  She was very pleased with her bandaid.  And Ford was growing healthy and strong.

One of the rare times that she just sat and read while I nursed Ford.

My pretty peony bush.  It died not too long after this photo was taken :/

Leftover flowers from Ford's blessing weekend...

Eleanor reading us all "Jesus and the kids!" from the Book of Mormon.  This is her favorite part and she has read it to us every night for the past four months.

Hanging out with Ford after Eleanor goes to bed.  It's fun to have one on one time with Ford.

It doesn't matter what they say, dressing boys is so much fun.

Trying on her new summer clothes.  She'd live in that swimsuit if I'd let her.

Post-bath snuggles...

Aaron got Ford this BYU outfit and I think it makes him look so handsome :)

"Playing dead" at the park with Ashton.  I may have shared this before but it's worth sharing again.

I needed to make 200 of these handouts for ward conferences.  Thankfully my trusty visiting teacher Jessica Marcum came to the rescue and helped me hole punch all afternoon.  How did I luck out to have my college best friend as my visiting teacher?? Dreams do come true.

Selfies with Eleanor at the breakfast table. The last two are her trying to bend her fingers to show the "peace" symbol.   Aaron taught her to say "Peace Out!" whenever she says goodbye to people. It's a crowd pleaser for sure.

Filling in her eyebrows and doing her mascara.  This is the first time that I caught her with my make-up and I was pretty impressed with her work.

An outtake from a family photo session.

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