Eleanor and Make-up

^^Notice the foundation on her cheek and a very faint line above her eyebrows :)
"Mommmy look!! Lipstick on me fingersss!"
Eleanor has discovered my make up and insists on getting into it whenever she can.  Some days this is incredibly adorable.  The first day she found my make up and put it on herself, I couldn't help but laugh and take pictures.  It definitely seemed like a rite of passage to get into your Mom's make-up and I kinda loved seeing her reach this life milestone.  That first time she tried to fill in her eyebrows and put on mascara and did a not too shabby job of it!  Of course, other days I don't find it to be so cute.  Like yesterday when she ruined my nice eyeshadow by cracking it and dumping it out in my make up bag.  I took a couple deep breaths before talking with her about that one.

I do love having a little buddy though in the bathroom when I get ready.  Whenever I go to put my make up on, she asks to sit on the bathroom counter and requests a brush and some powder.  She especially loves it when I let her put make up on me.

All in all, these are fun days and I try to remember that when I find her centimeters away from getting mascara on my white duvet cover :).

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