Ford's Baby Blessing Weekend

I already shared about Ford's blessing day but I wanted to include some pictures/memories from the whole weekend.

First, before everyone came, I attempted Costco with two kids on my own.  I had avoided running errands with both of them up to that point but we needed a lot of food for the weekend so I bit the bullet and just went for it.  I was pleasantly surprised that they were both super easy (Ford slept the entire time and Eleanor was happy talking to me).  The hardest part was playing tetris with everything in the cart.  Ford's carseat takes up so much room!
^^This picture doesn't do it justice.  That thing was packed!

We had family trickling in between late Thursday night and Saturday afternoon.  We grabbed dinner on Friday night with Austin, Chandra, MiMi and Papa, who had all made the trek from Utah to be there for the weekend.  We took them to Jack's, which has now become a tradition with anyone who comes to visit.  Then Adam and Christy got in late that night.

Saturday morning we hung around, taking turns with Ford and watching Eleanor and Molly have a grand old time together.
^^Matching blue gingham (not planned but an awesome coincidence).

Then MiMi and I did another Costco run and the rest of the group went to the Zoo.

Meanwhile, all of my family was visiting Yosemite and hiking to waterfalls in pouring rain (photos from my dad).

I texted my family this photo of chubby Ford while they were off in Yosemite to get them excited for the baby blessing.

Saturday evening we did a BBQ at our house and then my family showed up from their Yosemite trip and we all sat around the living room chatting.  Some of my family hadn't met Ford yet so it was fun to see them hold him for the first time.

And Austin was a champ holding Ford will I stayed up late preparing the house for Sunday.

Sunday was a little crazy (as you can imagine).  We did food prep in the morning.  Aaron had early morning church meetings and then afternoon meetings too so he was going every which way.  We had the blessing of course, then Aaron was set apart for his stake calling with all our family there crammed into the Bishop's office and then we all went home for dinner.  Here are some Sunday pictures that I forgot to add in to the last post (thank you for these pictures MiMi!)

Almost everyone went home Sunday evening but Austin and Chandra stuck around til 2 am that night when they had to leave for their flight.  Aaron and I were wiped out (that's putting it lightly) so I was beyond grateful when I came out after feeding Ford to find that they had cleaned the entire kitchen and done all the dishes.  They are angels, I tell you.

I'm always sad when family leaves and our house is empty again.  Hosting so many people can be exhausting but yet it is so wonderful and so worth it.  Come back everyone!!!!  And thank you so much for making it to the blessing!

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