Ford's Baby Blessing

We blessed Ford on April 10, 2016 and we felt so incredibly blessed ourselves to have had so many family members there to support Ford (and us).   Everyone attended our afternoon church and Aaron gave the most heartfelt, thoughtful blessing to Ford.

Then we all headed to our house for a late lunch.  Aaron and I have dreamed of having all our family fill our house (we constantly remind them that we have a guest bedroom with their name on it) so it was a dream come true to see everyone fit and make themselves at home.

And thank you Dad for capturing the following photos!  I love candid shots that show the day and these are perfect.
^^Our dessert was a birthday cake for all the March/April birthdays
^^Super grandma!
^^So glad my brother and his family came.  They left before the real family photoshoot began but I am so glad my dad got this photo in.  Also, don't you love Eloise and Eleanor holding hands??

My sweet sister-in-law Emily (who just graduated from BYU's photography program) gathered us all together at the end of the day to take the following group photos.  Emily also took all the photos of Ford in his blessing outfit at the top of this post.  When she e-mailed them to me, my jaw dropped to the floor because they are just so wonderful.  I tried doing a photoshoot myself with Eleanor in her blessing dress and it took me 3 hours and none of them really turned out.  Plus, she shoots in film which gives the photos such a dreamy quality.  So Emily, I can't thank you enough for capturing all these amazing photos for us.  You are talented and kind.
^^Four Generations in that picture!
And then my dad snapped this one of us with Brad and Emily.  
^^Eleanor was suddenly fascinated with her tongue.  Love that girl.

The day was full of a lot of love and gratitude.  We are so grateful to have our sweet baby Ford in our family and so grateful to have such a wonderful extended family that we could bring him into.  I love the tradition of baby blessings as it gives a chance to gather and honor this new life.  Ford, we know you will do wonderful things in your future and we are so grateful that you are ours.

P.S. Here's Emily's photography blog.  She and my brother live in Provo, Utah and she does family and wedding photography.  Check her out, she is both incredibly sweet and skilled: http://emilystewartphoto.com/

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  1. I just happened across your blog, Caroline. These photos are beautiful and so is your growing family! I hope this phase of life is treating you well. You are glowing!