Easter 2016

Eleanor was very in to Easter this year (see her first egg hunt here) so I had pretty high hopes for our Easter morning.  Plus it was Ford's first Easter! My family always did easter baskets in the morning and then an egg hunt in our backyard so I wanted to start those traditions with Eleanor this year.
^^She shook every one but came to find out that her parents were too cheap/lazy to fill them, ha!  She didn't mind too much though :)
I was laughing as I looked through these pictures because they only tell half the story.  What you don't see are the meltdowns from Eleanor and Ford all morning long, the moment that Eleanor threw up all over her new Easter dress 10 minutes before church was about to start or us trying to wrangle Eleanor in the halls at church the last two hours since she was sick and couldn't go to nursery.  Also, the fact that we didn't get the family Sunday Easter picture I had been planning on for weeks.  In so many ways, our Easter Sunday kind of felt like a disaster.  

In a lot of ways it was wonderful too though.

I'll always remember Eleanor yelling, "I got it! I got it!" as she picked up each Easter Egg.  Or how she exclaimed, "Church!!!" as we pulled into the church parking lot.  Or how Aaron got her to say, "I believe in Christ" which was incredibly adorable and heartwarming.  Or as we were taking the sacrament and we asked Eleanor who we should be thinking about and she said, "Jesus" all on her own.  Or Ford wearing his cute little Easter outfit and sleeping peacefully through Sunday School and Relief Society.  Or ending the day at our friends the Stoffel's house, with delicious food and great company.  

Easter really is the best holiday (despite meltdowns) as it helps me focus on my Savior.  Even in the midst of all the day's chaos, I still felt like I could dwell on the Savior's life more than normal.  I am so grateful for what the gospel means in my life and for my family.  I very much have a hope in the resurrection and I am so grateful for my Savior.

We didn't manage those Easter family pics, but I did sneak in these iPhone photos at night before taking Ford out of his outfit.  He was SO done with the day but I'm still glad I snapped them :)
Hope everyone's Easter was wonderful! :)

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