An Easter Egg Hunt for Eleanor

We put together a spur of the moment Easter egg hunt the week before Easter (thanks especially to Lindee!) and the kiddos had a blast.  I don't know what we were doing the last two Easters but somehow we missed doing Easter egg hunts with Eleanor before.  I didn't prep her very much for the hunt but I guess it's pretty self explanatory.  She took off and got to hunting without skipping a beat.  And she LOVED it.  Like she loved it so much that we did Easter egg hunts in our backyard for the following month.  Every day she asked to do Easter egg hunts with her "fwends."
^^The fun group of mamas and kids.  I'm so grateful to have found so many friends here in Fresno.  And Ford is sleeping away in the stroller in the back there.  I feel like I say that he's sleeping in the car seat/stroller nearly every post, he's such a champ!
^^Eleanor took this one herself!
^^She'd pick up each egg and give it a little shake before dropping it in the basket. She knows what's up!
^^Of course we ended the day on the "swiiiiiiings!!" Her favorite :)

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