April Randomness, Part 2

I'm back at it again with random photos from April.  

Eleanor had a slew of waking up at 6:30 am, which is just waaay too early for us.  Admittedly, a lot of this happened...
 Eleanor's been on the quest to build "the tallest tower in the woooorld!" so I find a lot of block towers like so...

I have a million photos on my phone like this one.  I just love his sweet smile.

It doesn't get much cuter than bathing babies!

Thankfully, this very white girl loves her sunscreen.

I made it out to a quick antique store run and found this cute church pew. I debated getting it for a week and then decided to pass.  I still think it would be fun in an entryway or a kids room.

Lots of backyard pool time happenening.

Lindee texted me these cute photos and I about died.  Way too cute! Eleanor loves her "fwends."

When in doubt, watch Daniel Tiger.

Eleanor wearing her Aunt Nie Nie's swimsuit...

I found this stash in Eleanor's stroller: deoderant, blueberries, a purse, a bracelet and my toothbrush.

Ford woke up and Eleanor said, "Stay here.  I get him!"  And then put her hand up to do the stop sign at me.  She ran in his room and I heard her say, "Good morning Fordy!  Did you have a nice nap?"  I followed in a moment later to find that she was handing him blocks to play with in his crib.  Such a thoughtful one, that Eleanor.

The only time she'll cuddle with me is when she's watching Daniel Tiger.  I'll take it.

I love naked babies!

Having a video monitor to spy on your sleeping babies is way too fun.

Her new thing is washing her hands, aka "splashing water everywhere and getting drenched in the process."

Selfies with Eleanor.  This may be one of my favorite activities.

And then she requested pictures with Fordy.

Eleanor went to her first birthday party at a little play gym.  She LOVED it and has been requesting birthday parties and birthday cakes ever since.

Having fun with her hair.

He has the best smile!  I love that he wakes up so happy.

Tummy time never gets old.

This girl has a thing for Jamba Juice...
 ...and her macarons!  These two treats may or may not have been the same afternoon.  Aaron was out of town and I was weak.  I did whatever it took to keep the kids happy that day.

Again, in pursuit of "the tallest tower in the world"

Making brownies with the kiddos on a babysitting swap for date nights.

Enjoying a Frosty's snow cone after Aaron's annual BBQ for work.

I may have a million pictures of Ford lying down and smiling but I can't help myself.  I keep taking more.

Our sweet neighbors gave Eleanor this play kitchen and she's been in love with it every since.

That's it for April!  On to May randomness soon...

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