Santa Cruz Camping 2015

I'm committing to catching up on some 2015 posts.  So we are kicking it off with our camping trip that took place last May 2015...

We continued our Stewart family camping tradition in 2015 and this time it was better than ever as all five of us original kids (the first time that has happened in ages).   We now require two camping sites and six tents but we made it work.

The weekend was filled with strawberries (Fresno's finest that we brought with us), s'mores, foil dinners, campfires, trips to the beach, games, sunscreen, bike rides and more.

Camping with a sixteen month old was about 1000x easier than camping with a 4 month old (here's a good refresher as to how that went last year).  Eleanor managed to escape a sunburn (mostly) and slept well through the night, each night. Hallelujah!  We had a much larger tent this year and could fit the pack 'n play along with two jumbo twin mattresses in there.  Eleanor was walking pretty well at that point, although the variations in dirt and grassy patches made it difficult to navigate.  She was still not a fan of the frigid water (can't blame her) and is surprisingly anti-sand, which means that she likes to snuggle on someone's lap the whole time (not complaining there).  It sure is fun to see her interact with her cousins and spend quality time with the rest of the family too.
And I just couldn't decide which of these three following pictures was the cutest so I'm just sharing them all :)
 ^^We bundled her like crazy every night before bed.  She doesn't keep a blanket on her well so her only warmth was going to come from her clothes.  And as you could guess, those hand socks didn't last on her too long.
 ^^Our sweet neighbor Cheryl gave Eleanor this furry white coat so we documented it to show her
^^Eating at Pizza My Heart before heading home for good.

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