Brad and Emily's Wedding

My brother Brad and his new wife Emily (who we love and adore!!!!) were married on Friday, June 12th in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple and then had a reception in the gorgeous Woodger's backyard in Provo, Utah.

We flew in late the night before (like 3 am late) but the excitement of the wedding day gave us plenty of energy to feed off.

The wedding day started with a family breakfast at Communal where the food was delicious (my mouth waters every time I think about it).  The parents and siblings all shared thoughts about the bride and groom and there were all sorts of warm, fuzzy feelings flying around the room.  I am such a big proponent of having both sides of the family gather together either the night before or the morning of the wedding.  It bonds the families together and sets such a sweet tone to the whole wedding experience.

The wedding was in the afternoon and Aaron's wonderful cousins Miranda and Hallie watched Eleanor while we were in the temple (they are the greatest in the world!).

The sealing itself was incredible.  I was in awe that my little brother (who will perpetually be 9 years old with chocolate smeared on is his face in my mind) was all grown up and making such a big step in his life with such a great, great girl.  Man we are lucky to have her in the family.  It was also so fun to be in the temple with all my family.  I love that feeling.

And then afterwards came a little waiting around, a slew of photos and then set up for the reception.  The reception had an amazing garden feel thanks to all the gorgeous table flowers on top of the already amazing garden that it was set in.  The highlight of the whole reception was seeing Emily's family break out in a choreographed dance that us Stewarts could only stand in awe of.  That family is talented!

We sent the crazy lovebirds off that night and then we crashed big time with an awesome night of recovery sleep.  Man, weddings are both the very best and the very most exhausting thing in the world.

Here are photos I took on the side...
 ^^The 3 El's.  Always gotta capture those cuties.
 ^^I love my nieces and nephews.  Addy grabbed Remy's hands and said, "Come on, lets take a picture with your arms around me like this."  
(how does Addy already know the classic prom prose?!) 
Also, please note, Henry lying on the ground behind trying to sneak in.
 ^^So glad Eleanor got to meet my sweet, sweet cousin Candice.  She lived with us for 6 months when I was 8 years old and she's been one of my favorite people ever since.
 ^^Emily was so stunningly beautiful that day.  Her lace dress was dreamy and she had the perfect earrings that matched her gorgeous blue eyes.  Not to mention the flowers!!! And you looked pretty dang good yourself too, Bradley ;)
 ^^Her dress!!
^^Another Henry classic right there.

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