Moving in.

Aaron's internship is from June 25th to August 15th so finding a place for essentially a month and a half was a little tricky.  Luckily, we got connected with a couple that were moving out of their apartment in Redwood City and needed someone to take their summer contract.  It all worked out really well, and we are only renting the place for exactly the dates that we need.  The PwC office is in San Jose so it is still a little bit of a commute for Aaron, but we still feel very fortunate.  Here is a map showing where we're at in the bay area:
Our apartment was completely unfurnished (although the previous couple did leave behind some HUGE tv's...wahoo!) so my parents came to the rescue.  The night before we moved to Redwood City, my parents let us essentially shop their home and pick out the furniture we needed.  Blair and Chelsea also let us borrow some of their things for the summer as well.  You are the best, family. We took the very minimal amount of stuff that we could while still making it feel home-y. Mom was so great and even made sure that we had some art for our walls.

We live in the back of a house and have a great view of the yard.  It is a one bedroom apartment and it has a lot of little quirks, but we're loving it.  Here is a little photo tour:

And yes, that cupboard holding the spices is crooked.  Character, right?

And yes, I drew a picture of the layout.  I'm always wanting to visualize how an apartment looks so I thought it would help.

And that little white and blue doll house in the back of the yard?  We're thinking it would make a great little guest house. Any takers?

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