On the road again.

We have been somewhere new for each week of June.  We've loved every minute of it because we have been soaking up the family time while doing some serious relaxing.  But the nomadic lifestyle means lots of time in the car and lots of packing and re-packing.  We were getting pretty excited to "settle" (if only temporarily) in our new place.

We made the drive up to Northern California on June 20th and thought that we'd take the opportunity to drop in on the lovely Veaters and their gorgeous ranch.  It was so fun to see Jessica and Steve one last time before they head to Boston (my only solace for their moving so far away is that it gives us even more incentive to head to the New England area to see them, Adam and Christy, and my mission!).  Her cute baby bump has grown!  We also loved getting the tour of the Veater's beautiful new home that they recently built on their ranch.  Talk about breathtaking!  We sat around the pool and caught up with the Veater family.  I love them all so much and wished we could have stayed longer, but alas, we had to get on the road again (can't you just hear the song in your head when you say that?).

We made it in to Walnut Creek that night and spent the night with my parents.  Mom had made a great spaghetti dinner (and we even got to have Dad's Sees chocolate!) and we got to catch up with them on the last couple of weeks since the family vacation.  We had one night in Walnut Creek before our last (little) road trip to our new place in Redwood City.  More on that later :)

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