A Friday Night Walk.

The day after we moved in, Aaron and I went on a walk to get acquainted with our area. We live in the back of a house, so we are in the heart of a neighborhood. We have a park just a couple of streets away so we went there first. The park is surrounded by redwood tries…appropriate since we’re living in Redwood City right? There were kids from the neighborhood playing a pick up game of baseball, wearing their Giant’s or A’s gear. It couldn’t get more idyllic.

We started walking around the streets and fell more in love with this area with every step. The streets are lined with trees and the sidewalk curves to not disturb them. No two homes are alike. Each home seems to have its own story. There was everything from the classic Father of the Bride home to the distinctive Spanish tile roof homes. I started talking pictures of the different styles and I’m sure I’ll have a pretty collection of homes by the end of the summer. The whole area is so charming.

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