Objective: Convert Richard Bean to Northern California.

Aaron’s good friend Richard Bean is in the South Bay for an accounting internship as well.  Seeing as we want to convert everyone to Northern California, we decided to plan a day showing Richard the Bay Area’s best things to offer.

The day naturally started with the good ole San Fran.  San Francisco did us proud too because I don’t know if I have seem a more beautiful day in the city.  The sun was shining and there was hardly any traffic.  We headed up to Coit Tower for some good views and then drove down Lombard Street (aka the crookedest street in the world).  Then we had a picnic at Crissy Fields, my family’s favorite spot just by the Golden Gate bridge.
Next up we went to Fentons.  I have already professed my love for Fentons once here before and I still stand by the fact that it is the best ice cream place I’ve been too.  We even ran in to the missionaries there! 

With full bellies, we headed in to a session at the Oakland Temple.   There is always something special about the place where you first went through the temple and later where you were married.  
Then we drove over to Walnut Creek where my mom and dad made a delicious dinner for us.  I love living so close to them. It was fun telling them about our adventures in our new apartment and life in Redwood City.  I’m excited to see them a lot this summer. 

We made a complete circle around the bay then as we headed back home to at night.  We were all pretty exhausted by the time we got home, but it was completely worth it.  And hopefully Richard likes Northern California that much more.

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