Turning 29

It's my birthday today and I'm turning 29.  I'm happy to be 29 and just feel like I'm at a great place in life.  I do feel really strange about being on my last year of my 20's though.  Life just seems to be chugging along at a rather quick pace and I really hope that I'm fulfilling my potential and achieving all that I want to be out of life :)

The morning started off with Eleanor giving me a big sweet hug in bed.  She was very excited that it was my birthday (come to find out later that her excitement had a lot to do wanting my birthday cake ;)).  Then Aaron brought Ford in the room and Fordy gave me a big kiss.  We are halfway through the day and I've already had the chance to get my nails done thanks to wonderful Jessica watching my kids.  An afternoon to myself feels like the best gift these days.  And I've been so grateful for the family and friends who've reached out today to share the love. Man, birthdays are just the best.

Whenever Eleanor and Ford have a birthday I post about what they are doing at that age so I thought I'd do that for myself.

So at 29 years old, I am...

-hitting my stride with two kids.  We have a set schedule, I am sleeping pretty well, I officially weaned Ford as of today (!) and I shower almost regularly now (showering is it's own kind of wonderful freedom).  I'm finding a lot of joy in watching Eleanor do forward rolls and watching Ford roam wherever his two little legs will carry him.  Ford bends his arms, clenches his fists and sticks out his chest when he walks and it's adorable.  We make and eat far too much cookie dough but Eleanor and I try to counter it with our 7 minute workout (Eleanor doing squats kills me every time).  Actually, now that I'm feeling more on top of life I really do want to prioritize exercise more.  Maybe this will be the year of regular gym attendance??? I'm getting there, we will see!

-dreaming daily of our trip to London in two months.  I'm reading books on Queen Elizabeth II and Clementine Churchill now with others in the queue.  We are nailing down our itinerary and I am most excited about going to old British homes and antique markets.  I want to bring back some kind of artwork.  This will be our first trip out of the country together and we are feeling very grateful and excited.

-spending nights cleaning up the house and actually enjoying the cleaning process.  I love the feeling of everything being put away at night, the counters wiped clean and the floors all swept.  I stayed up last night vacuuming so that I could wake up to a clean house on my birthday.  I didn't always prioritize cleaning like this but now at 29 it feels key to my peace and happiness.  I still wish the bathrooms would clean themselves and the floors never needed to be mopped but maybe someday I will learn to love those aspects of cleaning too.

-depending on weekly date nights with Aaron.  We started making weekly dates a requirement when Eleanor turned 2 years old and it's been a game changer for us.  We don't really do anything grand but a good meal out just us does wonders for the soul.  And there's no better feeling than having someone else put your kids to bed!

-constantly dreaming of home stuff.  I probably spend too much brain power on this hobby, but I just love thinking of how to improve our home and seeing how others are improving theirs.  I love figuring out my style and trying to implement it.  My latest obsession is wallpaper, particularly this blue one (maybe in my laundry room or powder bathroom?!) and this one (maybe a future little girls room!).

-thoroughly enjoying my Young Womens assignment at church.  I work with the Beehives (girls ages 12-13) and I think it has got to be the single best calling in the church.  I was at our mutual activity the other week and caught myself thinking, "I can't believe I get to do this for my calling.  I'm so lucky."  Young Womens callings can be all consuming (so many activities and meetings and texts, etc.) and yet I've really loved throwing myself into it and being there for these really wonderful girls.

-listening to and loving podcasts.  When I get Ford down for his afternoon nap and Eleanor in her room for quiet time, I turn on a podcast and start checking off my to-do list (usually starting with dishes).  It feels like it gives me that little bit of adult interaction that I'm needing right about then.

-making temple attendance more a focus.  I was able to go three times last month and already once this month.  My track record was pretty low last year with having a nursing baby so it is wonderful to be getting into more of a groove.

-hoping to paint more.  Aaron gave me a set of acrylic paints for Christmas and I have been wanting to master the art of the seascape.  I've decided that painting is a good outlet for me because it forces me to accept imperfections and just enjoy the process.

I'm sure there's more to say but Ford is awake now and it's time to get to dancing class and then on to more birthday fun.  Hope everyone else is enjoying February 16th.  I think it's the best day of the year :)


  1. I love this, and I love your blog, and I love you and Happy Birthday. hahaha. Every time I read it I get motivated to do mine, its on my list (and just such a good creative outlet and memory keeper), but right now I have been prioritizing exercise which is important to me right now, so I gotta get that down and then i'll be full swing into a blog again.

  2. Happy Birthday Caroline! I love reading about your little family! You're quite the woman ;)