Happy 1st Birthday Ford!

Ford is officially 1 years old today!  I just can't believe my sweet little babes is already grown up.  He got his first hair cut yesterday and suddenly looks like a baby no longer.  His baby chub has been long gone for awhile now and he's walking all over the place as of just a few weeks ago.  So while I'm in shock that it was really one year ago that I first had Ford on my chest, all the signs are there that he really is becoming a big boy.

At one years old, Ford is...

-saying his mamas and dadas

-loving grapes, broccoli, bananas and sweet potatoes.  He's a good eater and quite impatient when it comes to getting his food.

-opening cabinets, banging pots and pans, putting balls in and out of containers, opening and closing lids, copying his sister, climbing into Eleanor's bed, banging his head on everything, trying to draw on the chalkboard, attempting to eat the potted plants, playing in toilets and flipping through books.  He is officially into everything!

-walking!  He rolled over at 4 months, crawled at 6 months, pulled himself up to standing at 7 months, furniture cruised at 8 months and walked by 11 1/2 months.   I am not used to such a little guy walking all around (Eleanor first walked at 16 months) so it has been an adjustment for sure.  And yet I don't mind saying goodbye to the dirty knees and putting every little spec in his mouth.

-napping twice a day (usually an hour each), going to bed by 6:30 pm, waking up to nurse at 5 am and then going right back to sleep until 7 am.  I'm looking forward to dropping the 5 am feeding (I'm trying to wean him as we speak) but I can't complain too much I guess.

-loving Eleanor.  He clearly misses her when she's not around.  The other week Eleanor was playing peekaboo with him in the car and he was cracking up.  Aaron and I looked at each other with big smiles and said, "It's happening!  They love each other!"  Eleanor and Ford love bathing together before bedtime and playing alone together in Eleanor's room for small stretches of time.

-throwing tantrums when he doesn't get his way.  He lets you know it when he's upset that you took away his toy or closed the cabinet he really wanted to get in to.

-obsessed with the phone.  He wants to hold it as he crawls around and then every once in a while he'll sit up, put the phone to his hear and say, "a bla bla bla" and laugh.  Facetiming is nearly impossible with him around these days cause he will just cry until he gets to hold the phone.

-playing with his toy cars non-stop.  He loves riding them, pushing them around, climbing in the trunks.  He knows just where we park them and races to them first thing after his nap.

We love him to pieces.  More birthday pics to follow :)

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