Ford's Semi-Monthly Photos

Ford turns ONE tomorrow!!

Aaron and I stayed up last night going through all of Ford's photos from his birth on and just couldn't believe how much he's changed.

Over the past year, I tried to mostly keep up with taking photos of Ford and thought I'd share the highlights now in anticipation of his big day.  I trailed off taking these monthly photos in the last couple of months so this post doesn't even really capture how big he is now (and the fact that he's WALKING!! still can't believe that!) but I just didn't want to neglect getting these photos up somewhere permanently to record all the cute early progression.  So here's a bit of Ford over the past year...

March 12th, 2017 (just over one month old):
 April 22, 2017 at 2 1/2 months old:
June 3, 2017 and a couple days shy of 4 months:
July 4, 2017 and a couple days shy of 5 months
July 29, 2017 at 5 1/2 months:
 September 5, 2017 and a couple days shy of 7 months:
October 7, 2017 and one day shy of 8 months:
 November 1, 2017 at almost 9 months old:


  1. My boy 💙 His April photos in the blue checkered look JUsT LIKe Elenaor

  2. Oh my goodness, he is so handsome!! Btw, you put 2017 on all the dates, when last year was 2016 ����