Early November

My phone is full of random cute moments that I don't want to forget.  Here are some from early November 2017. 

 ^^Getting ready to take his monthly photos

 ^^Eating Sunday dinner on my new china.  I was so excited to use it :)

 ^^First fire of the winter and Ford was mesmerized.

 ^^He loves his bath time!

 ^^Babies in towels may just be the cutest thing

 ^^She'll find her floaties and insist on wearing them while playing

 ^^The first time I left them in a room together and they played together happily for a good ten minutes.  Major motherhood milestone.

 ^^Ford can't wait til Eleanor wakes up in the morning.  He would hold on to her crib railings and squeal excitedly.

 ^^Practicing her E's

 ^^Mommy and Me painting session one morning

 ^^I found Eleanor trying to give Ford a new hairstyle one morning

 ^^And she loves trying to jump in on my make up routine (notice her cheek :))

 ^^Boys and overalls :)

 ^^Super Hudson and Super Eleanor

 ^^Handsome boys on a Sunday morning

 ^^In early November, Ford was holding on to our hands and walking everywhere

 ^^Headed home from church.  Love those curls.

^^Trying to take an after church picture of the kids, which didn't really turn out.  I did manage to get this sweet picture though :)

 ^^Setting up a Sunday family facetime

 ^^I was sorting laundry when Eleanor climbed up on my bed and started reading me the scriptures. "And Alma and the na-na-nites.  Jesus and the kids. The end."

 ^^We're so glad when Daddy comes home!

 ^^Sending in my ballot.  And then making a cake out of stress that night as I waited for the election results. 


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  1. 1. you need to frame that hummingbird water color. If you don't, give it to me and I will!! I love it!

    2. Holy cow! Hudson and Eleanor look like they're the exact same size in that photo!!!