Dreaming of Brick Floors

I can't seem to get brick floors out of my mind.  I love them in laundry rooms and kitchens and sunrooms and entryways.  I love them equally as herringbones and hexagons.  They make the indoors feel like the outdoors and that makes me really happy.

I'd love to do this in our home one day but I think I've accepted it is not in our future, at least not in our current house.  My biggest hang up is that I want continuous flooring between our powder bathroom and laundry room and I just can't wrap my head around brick in a bathroom.  Although I tried out my idea on Olioboards to see what I thought and I do like the looks of the warm bathroom floor in theory...

And I found these bathrooms as examples of it working... 

Anyways, I'm probably crazy, ha! But it's fun for my mind to wander and think of what our home could be.  If anyone out there has seen brick in a bathroom and wants to convince me it works and they love it then I'm ears.  And until then I may just take the kids on a day trip to the local brickyard to dream away.  


  1. Love it!! The kitchen with the pumpkins was my favorite- loved that brick

  2. I'm so with you on this! I love love love brick!