6th Anniversary Getaway

Come November, Aaron and I were super antsy to have a night away and get some good sleep.  We decided to do an early 6th anniversary getaway and stay in the Lafayette Park Hotel, the same place we stayed on our wedding night.  We dropped the kids off at my parents that Friday night and headed to a fancy steak dinner at Vic Stewart's in Walnut Creek.
Gotta love cheesy anniversary pictures over dinner.

Then we headed to the hotel and enjoyed swimming in the pool and making a cozy fire in our room. Really our main hope was to just get a solid night sleep and even sleep in a bit.  But in a funny (very sad) turn of events, Aaron ended up getting step throat that night and was up all night.  We enjoyed a quick breakfast (the same one we had ordered six years earlier) and then headed off to the urgent care.

We stayed one more day at my parents house and enjoyed cousin time, quilting and church.  This was also a significant weekend because we had Eleanor throw away all her pacifiers (peekos) at my parents house before heading home to Fresno.  She was okay with it at the time, saying, "I'm a big girl!" but the coming weeks proved to be not so fun.  Good thing we threw those things all away or else I would have gladly reverted back to them when she was refusing to nap and crying herself to sleep at night (ugh!).
 ^^Meeting Jeff and Juliana's sweet new daughter
^^Our big after throwing away her pacifiers :)

But I digress.  Despite Aaron getting sick, we enjoyed the chance to celebrate our anniversary early and spend some time just us.  And a big thank you to my parents who watched the kids and even got up for Ford's 5 am feeding to give him a bottle on weekend :)

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