2nd Half of November

And here are the rest of my iPhone photos from the rest of November :)

 ^^Lot of sibling smothering.
 ^^A photo I found of my phone from Eleanor.  Gotta love the candid mommy moments.  And look at Ford laying down for a diaper change! That RARELY happened for that 4 month stretch.
 ^^The cutest PJ's from my friend Lucy
^^A little Santa at Cafe Rio in the middle of November :)
 ^^A true Cafe Rio lover right there.
 ^^At 9 months Ford was already standing up on everything and furniture cruising.
 ^^Classic Ford cry right there.
 ^^We've been in a major puzzle phase that starting in November and has been going strong ever since.
 ^^"Look Mommy! This is my costume and I'm Daddy!" 
 ^^A fancy dinner dinner with friends thanks to the beautiful Jessica.
 ^^Gotta love those dancing buns
 ^^My little Joann's shopping buddy
 ^^A family date to get macarons.  Eleanor always says, "Macarons? My favorite!"
 ^^One of our many holiday shopping trips.  I was trying real hard to get all my Christmas shopping done before Dec. 1st and the kids were pretty good sports about coming along.
 ^^Eleanor started doing this mid November.  I was grateful she was keeping herself occupied and happy in the cart but it got really difficult when I needed to actually put anything in there with her.
 ^^An unfinished corner of my bedroom that was made a little happier with my new eBay painting! The fireplace has been untouched for a year now but we really do need to fix it.  I like having that blue reading chair in that corner though.  And the painting brought in some happiness and greenery to the room :)
^^Girls night out to Chesterfield's holiday party. Gotta love antique shopping at night with friends!
 ^^Talking with my friend who was in the middle of remodeling her kitchen.  It's finished now and AMAZING. 
 ^^Eleanor loved wrapping and coloring her gifts.  
 ^^That one time Eleanor fell asleep during quiet time.  Such a happy moment because she NEEDED that nap!
^^Best $15 I ever spent at Costco were those flannel sheets! We've been so cozy all winter!

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