Travel Day...to the cabin we go!

I feel like every travel day is such a story in and of itself.  There's a lot of work and prep and orchestration that goes in to getting thirteen people to a remote cabin in Utah.  

We texted the group this photo of us at the airport Sunday afternoon.  Eleanor has serious motion sickness and actually threw up on the way to the airport.  So here she is in her backup outfit and ready to take on the flight (which went surprisingly well)...
While we were traveling to Utah, we received other photo texts from the family.  Austin cut off his hair and sent us this little teaser picture
Meanwhile, Susan was stocking up at Costco.  She sent us all this picture to get us excited for lots of good snacking...

And Mark sent us this picture showing us that he on his way from Southern California...

These picture texts definitely help build the excitement.  We were so happy to see this cute family when we finally landed at the SLC airport.  They kindly loaded their car with our many bags and drove us to meet the rest of the family.

And just like that we were finally all reunited and ready to party!

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