Boys vs. Girls Outings

We had several opportunities for girl and guy bonding during the week.  

Aaron was pretty excited to be going golfing with the guys, first thing on the first day of vacation...

And then all the guys suited up to go fishing in the nearby river.
And of course, the ATV's were just screaming to be ridden at any given moment.  Male bonding at it's finest.

Whenever the boys were off on an adventure, we girls had no problem chatting it up at the house.  Some of my favorite moments of any family vacation are when you get to sit around the living room and discuss life's great questions (or frivolous stuff life home decor ;)).  Aaron will never understand why I like talking so much but I guess it's just the girl in me, ha!

Anyways, we girls took advantage of one of the afternoons to drive in to Park City.  We first hit the outlets in search of some last minute clothes for family pictures.  I needed to be back to feed Ford before too long so we had limited time to adventure.  We were dashing from store to store, texting each other clothing options.  Fun stuff.

Then we got our nails down there in town.  Susan, Chandra and I opted for pedicures while Annie and Christy got manicures.  I didn't get a picture of Annie and Christy but they were there too!
We rolled back in to town to find the kids still alive and the house in one piece.  I'm pretty sure there was lots of ping pong taking place while we were gone :)

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