McKell Cabin Trip 2016

Our McKell family vacation this year was at the Hewlett Cabin, which is in the dreamiest, most remote place you could be.  Okay maybe not the most remote place of all time but it sure felt like that with no service and no contact with the outside world.

I loved that we could just focus on each other and bond without distraction.  There was plenty of games, food, babies, fishing, ATV rides and cows to keep us busy.  (side note: Eleanor LOVED the cows.  She wanted to go out and see them the minute she woke up.)

We were also able to celebrate Aaron's birthday, swim at the rec center, eat at a small town burger joint and have a girls trip into Park City to get our nails done.  Of course, my favorite though was all the late night family chats, especially when it was around a campfire eating s'mores and biscuits on a stick.

I love this McKell family I married into and feel very lucky to hang out with them so often.

I'm going to split the onslaught of photos into different posts, so for now I will share the "official" reunion photos. Chandra designed matching shirts for everyone so we pulled them on one afternoon, made a makeshift tripod and got these fun shots.  I don't know if you can tell but Ford is in a coordinating onesie and it was just about the cutest thing you could ever see.  
 ^^I love this random photo that no one realized I was taking :)
 ^^Me trying to hide my white legs

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