Grandma Stewart's 90th Birthday

My Grandma Stewart turns 90 years old this year!

The Stewart family came together for the biggest reunion we've had in years to celebrate.  I loved reuniting with cousins I hadn't seen in years and years.

We first met up at a pool party at my Aunt and Uncle's house (we sadly missed most of it though due to Eleanor's car sickness), followed by family photos and then a sit down dinner.

Right as the real party was starting though I started feeling awful all of a sudden.  I managed to last through almost all of the speeches (despite feeling horrible, it was so fun to hear my dad and my uncles share stories of Grandma) before ending up in the urgent care with mastitis.  When the urgent care nurse asked me to rank my pain, I said I was at a 9, which is higher than I ranked child birthing pain.  The combination of nausea, headache, chills and overall achey-ness was almost more than I could handle.  Anyways, I was bummed to miss out on talking with all my relatives and fully getting to celebrate Grandma, but I am still grateful for the day and glad that I got to be there for some of it.

 ^^A quick stop in Turlock for some food to settle Eleanor's stomach.
 ^^The 3 El's soaking up the pool.
 ^^Grandma and her great grand children

My dad actually put together a video with pictures spanning Grandma's whole life and I took a couple screen shots of the video to share here.  As someone who loves to document life in pictures, these photos are extra fun for me to see.
 ^^My Grandma in the front center
^^I love that big smile on my grandpa's face :)
 ^^Grandma went to law school in her 50's!
^^One of the last major family reunions that I remember.  Compare that photo with the first...look how the family has grown!


  1. holy cow Ginny looks JUST like her!!

    1. I've never thought about that before but now looking back on the pictures I think so too!