Artists I Love: Cailtin Connolly

One of my all time favorite artists is Caitlin Connolly.  I found her artwork maybe two years ago and I frequently check back in to her website to see her latest work.

I love how Caitlin Connolly depicts womanhood.  She's able to capture all the emotions on womanhood that I've ever had.  She shows women who are strong, struggling, humble, brave, defeated, fierce, confused, hurt, happy, beautiful, protective, nurturing and mighty.  Her drawings touch on every aspect of womanhood and motherhood and sisterhood and I just find them so moving.
As I was preparing a lesson for the young women at Youth Conference on what a holy woman is, I found myself turning towards Caitlin Connolly's artwork to use as a visual for someone who embodies holiness.  I wanted my young woman to have a powerful image to remember that they too can be holy.

I love that Caitlin sells limited edition prints of drawings taken directly from her sketchbook.  Somehow it feels all the more personal to have a sketchbook drawing.  I love picturing the artist getting her ideas down on paper as fast as possible before she loses the image in her mind.  Of course, her paintings are beautiful too but the drawings always stand out to me the most.

And each piece is coupled with a powerful, thought-provoking title.  Titles like, "her arms grew tired as she held the world in its place" and "she became herself with tears" and "she had tough hands but a soft heart."

I have given her artwork as gifts several times now because I see how the piece captures some aspect of a friend or family member's personality.

Here are some of my favorites (it was so hard to narrow down!)...
giving things up

women leading women

 a believing woman

 a woman who listens

 climbing mountains with children

 finding balance


 passing favors

 protector by day and by night

 she became herself with tears

 women with and without children

trying to understand holiness

And she has very few drawings that focus on men but I love that the ones she does have highlight marriage and fatherhood.  This one always reminds me of Aaron...
I'll show you everything I know

Other artists I love: Beth Allen and Lynne Millar

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  1. These brought tears to my eyes. I especially love the protector by day and night. Beautiful paintings thats portray motherhood/womanhood perfectly.