An Artist I Love: Beth Allen

I have a running list of artists that I love and I thought it might be fun share some.

The fantastic thing about the internet and social media is just how accessible art, even original art, is these days.  An artist can set up their own website or create an etsy account and sell their art themselves without a gallery.

One of my favorite things about instagram (before I deleted it) was that I could follow artists and their latest projects.  They would show photos of their works in progress and give you glimpses of their life as an artist.  This approach allowed me to get to know an artist a little more and really start believing in their work.  The whole experience feels a lot more personal and makes it fun to support an up and coming artist.  They would often do special sales/auctions through Instagram here and there which is a fun approach to selling your work.

(Side note: Not to negate anything I just said but I found this article on understanding fine art pricing super interesting and helpful.  Even though I love how accessible art is online now, I still appreciate why art can be very expensive and why it should be at times.)

So one of my favorite artists as of late is Beth Allen, who painted this Mothering print that Aaron got me for Christmas.

From what I've gathered, Beth Allen lives in Arizona and set up her paint studio in her home so she can paint and be near her children.  She just seems like a really quality person.  And I love that she has a variety of subjects in her paintings, from people to abstract to flowers to fruit to religious figures.
Peonies painting from her Instagram (here)

Beth used to sell a small original painting every Friday on Instagram for very reasonable prices (around $50 for a painting).  I don't know if she still does this but look her up to be sure.  

People saw her palettes and asked her to sell her palettes as art as well.  So she started using a canvas for her palette and then would sell the both art piece and the palette she used for it.  She would sell these on that Friday Instagram sale.   I always loved the palettes even more than the originals.
From her Instagram (here)

From her Instagram (here)

Last Christmas, Beth did a series on Baby Jesus and I loved her depiction of the Savior in the manger.  She first sold these originals and then later sold prints of them.  I'm still kicking myself for not buying one.
Baby Jesus Minis, photo from her Instagram (here)

And I love her commissioned portraits.  These must be such a treasure for the parents.  I would love to have a painting done of Eleanor one day. 
Portrait from her Instagram (here)

There are just such talented people out there!  I am excited to see Beth's future work.  If you have Instagram, I definitely recommend following her.  Or you can be like me and just check in on her site every so often :)

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