A Baby Blessing for Baby Graham

After the rodeo the other weekend, Jess and I headed down to our friends Erin and Nate in San Diego to be there for Graham's baby blessing.  We pounded out those 7 hours in the car like it was nothing (good conversation makes for fast road trips) and then got to meet that sweet baby at 11 pm Saturday night. The trip was super short but one thousand percent worth it just to be there for the blessing.  I'm usually not overly emotional but I teared up through that entire blessing and then on through each testimony that was shared for the rest of the meeting.  I was just really feeling all the love that day :)

I brought my real camera but ended up just snapping a few random pictures with my phone.  So here's a taste of the trip.

This was my first night away from Eleanor ever.  Crazy, huh?  I was really missing her and Aaron that next morning so I was super excited to get to facetime with them first thing that day.  They were already up, ready for church and banging on pots and pans.  This little tongue poking out of her lips is one of my favorite things that she does recently...
And here are the babies hanging out before church.  Graham was 6 weeks old and Winnie was just shy of 4 months.  I love their active little blurred legs.  I have so many blurred leg photos of Eleanor at that stage. Anyways, these cuties are going to be best friends. 
I held Graham after church while food prep was underway and he just drifted off to sleep on my shoulder.  I was in pure heaven.  He had that newborn smell and the softest skin.  If that doesn't give you baby fever then I don't know what will!
And these next two photos make my heart sing.  I have loved seeing my college friends become moms and now some are moms of 2 and even 3 kids!  I admire the women that they are and I definitely rely on their mothering expertise.  Erin and Jess have transitioned into being moms of 2 beautifully and I love these photos of them interacting with each other and their newest babies.
^^I mean really, Winnie's smile is just too good!

And just as it felt like we had only barely gotten there, we turned around and headed home.  Jessica had the brilliant idea of grabbing Cafe Rio in Irvine to which I jumped for joy over.  We talked the whole way home and could have talked more...good thing we live close!
^^This kind of food never photographs well but man do I love Cafe Rio.

Thanks for hosting us Collins family! I loved being with you and I especially love that sweet baby Graham!

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