Eleanor at a Rodeo

Every May Aaron's office puts on a BBQ and rodeo for their clients at the Veater Ranch and this was our first year attending.  The whole day was really fun and it was especially great getting to see Eleanor around the horses for the first time.  She danced away to the music and pointed out the horses as the rounded the arena.  She was mesmerized!

Jess even pulled her up on a horse!
And this next sequence of photos melts my heart.  Clara is always incredibly sweet with Eleanor and none of this cute interaction below was prompted by us.  I love seeing them grow up together.
Eleanor lived up that rodeo experience to the fullest and even managed to make it through the whole day in the sun without a sunburn (#success).  Can't wait til next year's rodeo!

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  1. this makes me want to cry! Such sweet little friends! We're so blessed to have you guys here!