From the Weekend

^^Eleanor hamming it up with some people sitting by us. 

We had my favorite kind of weekend.

Friday night, Aaron and I put Eleanor to bed, set up our babysitter with Netflix and a comfy couch and then headed out to see The Avengers followed with a pazookie at Chili's.  Dates man, they are the best.

Aaron went golfing with Steve and Jay on Saturday morning and then we went on a family bike ride down to the corner of Willow and Shepherd where there are a bunch of food trucks (thanks Lucy and Lynnsey for the suggestion!).  We had great street tacos and Eleanor was in love with her quesadilla (as evidenced by the photos above, she wouldn't put it down!).  The whole afternoon just made me love Fresno in the spring.

Then that night, we had the missionaries and our neighbor over to watch the movie The Restoration.  Our neighbor had been interested in learning more about who Joseph Smith is and why he is significant to our church.  We all enjoyed the movie and had a great time chatting and eating brownies.

Sunday morning Eleanor decided to sleep in until 7:30 am, a true Mother's Day treat.  I enjoyed every bit of church and loved the messages on womanhood and motherhood.  The men did such a good job pampering all the women and even put on a whole brunch just for the ladies.

The rest of the day was pretty low key.  We put Eleanor down for two afternoon naps because she needed it badly.  She was more clingy to me than usual, which we just chalked up to really wanting to show her mama the love on that special day ;)

We had our neighbor over again for dinner and I made this great ham recipe (thanks Erin for inspiring this meal!).  The night ended with me reading Harry Potter on the couch while Aaron cleaned the kitchen, which was heavenly. 

We were especially grateful for our own mothers all weekend long and had fun calling/facetiming them.  They really are the greatest!  We become more and more aware of just how amazing and awesome they are each year and we love them very much.

I hope you all had a great, relaxing weekend.  Happy belated Mother's Day to you all!


  1. Dates are the best! A little break is good for everyone :)

  2. we were THIS close to going to the food trucks on Saturday!!