Happy Friday

Hello all!

I have had such a great week and I mostly credit it to two major changes--officially deleting instagram for good (never going back!) and deciding to not look at my phone for the first hour of the day.  I am finally starting my days off right, being more selfless with my time and more present with my family. We haven't done anything profoundly new or amazing this week, but I have just enjoyed all the little things so much more.

This week, Eleanor discovered brownie batter for the first time (see above photo) and I wish you could've seen how her eyes lit up at the first taste of it. Aaron and I have been chipping away at our Harry Potter reading.  It's been fun trading off the book so each other can get caught up.  Also, I did a little better at meal planning this week, which has taken stress and guilt away from our dinners.  And our house is now filled with pink peonies that both smell and look amazing (get thyself to Trader Joe's and get some!).  Finally, We have been getting lots of rain this past day and a half, which makes us pretty happy for our dear Fresno.  So yes, we are embracing the little things this week for sure.

I haven't done this for a while, so here are some things I have been loving lately...

"Bestie Row": sounds a little extreme but also totally awesome.  Who's in?

Aaron and I (along with some family members we've talked into it) are doing this 30-day challenge.  I don't necessarily care about getting "slim for summer" but I do want to feel healthy and strong so this challenge is working for us.

32 pictures that will give you intense elementary school flashbacks.  For real!

I LOVE these kinds of family photo sessions. Also, I'd take a pretty house in San Francisco any day.

One day, Eleanor will have enough hair for me to do this and I will be one happy mama.

No-bake cookies that are refined sugar-free.  I've made these twice and love them.  I usually just make a half batch.  I might try this version next.

And I made this smothered chicken meal again and it is pure heaven.  Eleanor hasn't eaten dinner so well in months!  The meal is a more labor-intensive slow-cooker meal for sure, but totally worth it.

Happy Friday!  Hope you're weekend is just the best :)

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