Artists I Love: Lynne Millar

Last year when I was somehow totally on top of blogging (it was a short but wonderful stretch), I shared a post about an artist that I love (Beth Allen) and said I would love to share more artists in the future.  Life happened though, I got pregnant and lost my motivation/energy to keep up on blogging.  But now a year later I am feeling a little more "with it" and wanting to share more artists that I love.

So today it's Lynne Millar.

I don't remember how I first came across Lynne Millar's website but I love her work.  Her subjects range from flowers to Christ to families to landscape.  I love that her paintings are a little abstract, allowing your mind some creativity in interpretation.  And I love her more spiritually focused paintings.  I find it difficult at times to find paintings of Christ that stand out to me and yet when I saw her painting of Christ titled "Why Weepest Thou?" it totally caused me to pause and consider my relationship with Christ.  I love that art can have that effect on you.

Here are some of my favorites of hers...

You can find Lynne Millar's website here.

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