Annie and Aaron Visit Fresno!

Aaron and Annie came to stay with us for a week in May and it was pure heaven to have them here.  Pure heaven, I tell ya.  They hung out with me all day, helping and playing with Ford and Eleanor, and then they partied with us all night once the kids went to bed.  We went to the zoo, played scum, ate at Annex Kitchen and walked around the farmer's market.   They made us the world's greatest chocolate chip cookies and we converted them to Fresno's local fresh strawberries #supportyourlocalfarmer.  We had such an all around fun time with them here and I quite liked the adult-to-kid ratio with them around.  Eleanor was giddy, constantly.

Thank you for visiting Aaron and Annie!  You are the world's greatest.
 ^^Eleanor's favorite activity as of late is putting people to sleep.  She piles all her night time blankets on them, reads them a book and sings them "I am a Child of God."  Aaron was very patient with her as this is no simple, short process. 
^^Super Eleanor and Super Aaron
^^Eleanor was at it again!  This time Annie was the one forced to lay down for twenty minutes with her eyes closed.

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