Walnut Creek Trip

I headed up to Walnut Creek with the two kids in May while Aaron went on a business trip to Dallas.

We rolled in to town and went straight to a restaurant to meet up with my mom.  They really do love their Grandma and I love that she's willing to hold them both so I can have a break :)

Then later that day while both kids were napping my mom encouraged me to go to my favorite consignment store.  I love going there when I'm in town and it's an extra special treat to get some shopping time alone.  
 ^^I keep coming across this style of dresser and I really like it.
^^I ended up getting this fairly large piece of art for $13!  We have so many blank walls in our house so my new philosophy is to buy an large affordable art I come across.  

Eleanor was in heaven that afternoon playing in the pool with cousins Addy and Eloise.  Kiddie pools scream childhood to me and it makes me so happy seeing Eleanor in one. 

And it was fun to see everyone interacting with Ford.  

Also my mom did a mini cello recital for us that day and I was so impressed.  She just started taking lessons, proving that she really does believe in life long education like she always tells us.  She's the coolest and a great example to us all.

The next day my mom, Chelsea and I (with kids too) went to an outlet sale for Pottery Barn, West Elm and William Sonoma. The whole event was a little chaotic and overwhelming but I came away with a 9x12 rug at a good price so it seemed worth it.  Then I went to West Elm and Ikea afterwards.  I was pretty tired from shopping by the end of it all, but I love being able to take advantage of Bay Area shopping whenever I'm in town.  Fresno is wonderful but I do wish it had some more of my favorite stores.  I don't have any pictures from all of this but it's worth noting. 

After all the shopping we winded down at Chelsea's house and took these photos of Ophelia and Ford together.  They are just 2 months apart (Ophelia is 5 months here and Ford is 3 months).  Can't wait to see these kids grow up together!

Friday was spent in Sacramento at the funeral for my Grandma Stewart's husband Peter.  Peter was in his 90's when he passed away.  I was grateful we could be there to support Grandma and I enjoyed getting a chance to learn more about Peter's life.  

We got back home that afternoon and hung around the house.  I feel so blessed that Blair and Chelsea had kids at the same time as we had our kids.  It makes for so many cute cousin moments. 

And as one last hooray before heading home, we all went out to ice cream at San Francisco Creamery.  
 ^^I feel like this captures Eloise's personality to a "t" :)

Eleanor and Eloise were cracking up over licking their ice cream.  I just can't get over how adorable these two are together.  I love the age they are at.

We made it home the next morning and I was relieved to be out of the car after a 3 hour drive with just me and the kids.  And we were all very happy to be with Daddy again. 

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