Nana and Papa Meet Ford

Aaron's parents drove up to Fresno to stay with us and meet Ford when Ford was just a week and a half old.  It was so fun seeing them interact with Eleanor and Ford, and of course, it was so nice to have a couple extra set of hands in those early weeks.

In addition to baby holding, Mark helped Aaron set up a work bench in the garage.  Aaron was in heaven.  Mark had to return to Riverside for church and work responsibilities but Susan was able to stay with us for four more days and I was SO grateful to have her here.  Eleanor was getting sick and needed a lot of attention and love that I just couldn't give her while feeding Ford every two hours.

After a night of hearing Eleanor's cough attacks, Susan recommended we take Eleanor in to see the doctor.  Sure enough, Eleanor had bronchitis! Susan worked overtime, wrangling Eleanor down to do her inhaler every 4 hours and keeping Eleanor away from Ford so as to prevent any spreading of germs.  In addition to all of that, Susan would take on both kids so that I could shower or rest.  I couldn't have made it through sanely without her.  Needless to say, we were all very sad to see Nana go that last day!

Thank you for visiting Mark and Susan and for going above and beyond in caring for us all!

And here are some pictures from their stay :)
 ^^"Make uppppp!!!" (Eleanor's new favorite activity :))
 ^^Painting, another favorite activity
 ^^Wearing Annie's dress from Annie's toddler days.  I'm so glad Susan held on to so many darling clothes from her children's childhoods.  Eleanor was very excited about wearing "Nie Nie's dress" :)

And these last two are just before our final goodbyes.  These two kiddos don't know just how good they have it when it comes to their grandparents!

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