Ginny Saves The Day!

Ginny came to town for a whirlwind couple of days to meet Ford and help me care for both kids while Eleanor was sick with bronchitis and ear infections.  Ginny was such a calming influence for me, and with her around, the days went by not just more smoothly and also more happily.  She got up with Eleanor in the mornings and kept Eleanor occupied while I was back nursing Ford in his nursery.  At this point, I was feeling pretty fragile emotionally.  I think all the postpartum hormones had caught up to me and the combination of Ford being circumcised and Eleanor being sick all in one week was just a little much for me to deal with.  And I was beyond paranoid that Eleanor was going to spread something to Ford.  The pediatrician had told me to go as far as changing my shirt every time in between holding Eleanor and holding Ford to try to keep Eleanor's germs away from him.  Do you know how many shirt changes that is?! This stressed me out to no end and I was just so grateful that Ginny showed up willing to help.

Now we just need to find a way to get her to come to Fresno permanently because a couple of days is just not enough ;)  I promise when you come back Ginny that both kids will be healthy, that you'll actually get to sleep in and that Aaron and I will be a bundle of laughs.  Either way, know that we love you and are so glad you came to visit!

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