Ford's first photo shoot

You can always count on my dad for a good newborn photo shoot.  I was so glad that he brought his camera when he came to town that first time to meet Ford.  He took these photos of Ford at 6 days old and I'm so glad that we have them!

These pictures make me realize just how much Ford has grown in the last two months.  The chubby cheeks Ford is now sporting at 2 months old are just barely starting to show here.   The newborn stage really is fleeting but I'm glad we have some pictures to remember it by :)
And here are some of the other moments that my dad captured while he was in town.  Again, I'm so glad we have these photos, especially these ones of Eleanor playing in our backyard.
 ^^People always ask how Eleanor has adjusted to having a baby brother and I think this picture illustrates it perfectly.  She's doing juuuust fine :) She has made sure she is still getting plenty of attention and has us all still wrapped around her fingers (literally). 
 ^^Some of Ford's first walks :)
 ^^Don't know what we were taking about in this moment but I love Eleanor's little face peeking out out down there.

And here's the proud grandpa with his grandson.  Ford's lucky to have such loving and attentive grandparents :)

Thank you Dad for coming in those early days and thank you for these pictures.  We'll treasure them forever.

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