As I was rocking Ford to sleep this afternoon, I thought, "How should I use this precious time where BOTH BABIES ARE ASLEEP AT THE SAME TIME??"

And then I ran down the mental check list in my mind. Stake YW assignments? Done and done (for now ;).  Laundry? I did 5 loads yesterday so we are set.  Clean the kitchen?  It's clean!  Eat lunch? I ate the leftover Thai food and I'm feeling good.  Take a nap??? I got 7 solid hours of straight sleep last night and I could say that I honestly was not tired (such a rare feeling!!).  

I was stumped for a minute because there is hardly a time where I don't have a list of unfinished assignments.  And then it occurred to me that I could write up a blog post.  So here we are :) 

Instead of catching up on events from the past 2 months (there are many that still need to be shared and I'll get to that someday), I thought I'd write down random thoughts about life right now. 

I love Fresno in the springtime.  The flowers have been killing it recently.  There are beautiful roses everywhere and I love all the color.  We've been working on adding color to our own backyard and this little peony bush has made me super happy.  It's not looking as healthy right now as this picture below but I'm hoping it perks up again.  

Ford smiles so often now.  My heart bursts every time.  He is just such a handsome, sweet little boy and has won me over completely. 

We were so close to buying a Ford Falcon the other week and man did we both want it.  Aaron drove one in high school and then drove me around in it that summer after our freshmen year at BYU.  I loved that he loved it and how happy he was sitting in his classic car.  Buying another falcon is high on our priority list and I can't wait til we find another one and pull the trigger for real. 

Eleanor wants to play with her "fwends" every day now.  Yesterday she said, "I want fwends.  Keys? Car? Ok Mommy, bye bye.  Be right back."  And then she walked to the garage.  Man, is she 16 already??
^^"Playing dead" at the park with Ashton.  This picture cracks me up.  I can't get over Eleanor's squished eyes.

I prepared myself for all the postpartum woes (love handles, hair loss, etc.) this time around but even still, I am really tired of my clothes not fitting.  It took about a full year last time to really feel like myself again (I think nursing had a big part of that) so I know I need to be patient but ugh.  

Aaron and I helped chaperone the Mormon Prom last weekend.  We took Ford with us and got a babysitter for Eleanor.  We laughed about going to prom with a baby.  The dance was in a family's dreamy backyard.  The house was an old ranch style home sitting on 1.5 acres and the landscaping was just spot on.  It had a lawn area, a pool with a quaint pool house, a basketball court and a gazebo/firepit area.  Nothing felt extravagant though, which is just how I like it.  I loved the whole atmosphere and was so glad we made the last minute decision to have Aaron come. 

We've had a lot of good reminders lately of the importance of saving and preparing for the future.  There have been some scary medical emergencies in and out of our family that just make me realize 1) life is short and 2) financial security brings so much peace of mind.  So I've been chanting "Save, save, save" to myself as I look around our house and dream of all the things I want to buy to fill in the empty spaces. 

Eleanor went to two different nurseries this Sunday (Aaron and I both have stake assignments and so the whole family is attending all the ward conferences) and she didn't get sick.  SHE DIDN'T GET SICK!! At least not yet.  This is a big deal for us and she has caught every bug imaginable this past winter.  Thank you warmer weather!

I had the ideal morning last week.  Ford slept really well through the night and woke up at 7 am to eat.  I fed him and got him back to sleep by 7:45 am.  I curled up next to Aaron back in bed for another great 15 minutes of rest and then Eleanor woke up at 8 am (which is sleeping in for her, she's usually up by 7:30 am).  I got up with her and made breakfast and we had some great one on one time, which makes the whole day go sooo much better.  We had an hour together and then Ford woke up to eat.  I wish every morning was this way.  I guess I'll treasure it though the rare times it happens. 
^^My babies in their PJs.  This is the background on my phone right now and it makes me super happy every time I see it.

We got Eleanor a little kiddie swimming pool for Easter and I have a feeling it's going to be our most loved summer purchase.

I don't have a plan for dinner tonight.  This is nothing new.  I wish I loved to cook.  I actually do like to cook when I have an already fully stocked fridge, a house to myself, time to try out a new recipe and no worries about "will my toddler eat this?"  But the daily kind of cooking where you need to get food on the table before bedtime and you have a 2 year old that wants to dump out all the spices and measure all the things just stresses me out.  Plus I am out of ideas for quick, easy meals. Every night is a mental battle to not just resort to tacos and homemade pizza.   

Nothing makes me happier than seeing Eleanor paint/color and then running to me, while waving her artwork in the air, saying, "Look Mommy looook!!!" And then she describes what she drew.  It doesn't get old.

Aaron and I are always dreaming of a getaway trip, but it seems especially exciting to think about when you are tied to a nursing baby.  I am seriously so excited for a chance to go somewhere just the two of us.  Oh, Monterey weekend we loved you!

I am trying to gear up to potty train Eleanor.  Prayers would be appreciated. 

How was that for a random brain dump of thoughts?  Ha.  It feels good to record of snapshot of life though.  Hope you all are well :) 

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  1. I kind of like the random thoughts posts the best :)