Our first week with Ford

The first week home with Ford was blissful.  Sure we were all pretty tired but we were in happy little la la land where nothing mattered but feeding the baby, getting as much sleep as possible and making sure Eleanor was taken care of.  My mom had driven down when we went in to the hospital and she stayed with us for the whole first week and a half.  Aaron was also able to be home for that whole first week. We each took shifts through the night, my mom cooked us yummy meals for dinner and we took many an iphone photo of Ford.  I was recovering so much better than I expected and was just so relieved that my body felt okay.  Nursing was (and continues to be) a struggle so it wasn't all pure bliss but everything just felt SO much better in general than what I had been expecting so I couldn't complain.  This was also before Eleanor and Ford ended up getting sick so now in hindsight it really was a blissful week!  But that story of sicknesses is for another day.

At the end of the first week I took the pictures off my phone as well as my mom's and Aaron's so here is a photo dump of cute baby pictures and funny Eleanor moments from that first week...

^^Just after nursing Ford in his nursery for the first time.  I was so tired but also so happy.
^^I went 9 months without eating raw cookie dough so Aaron got right to work making me a fresh batch the moment we got home.  I love this man.

My mom bought pansies and planted them with Eleanor.  She loved it and then proceeded to go a little wild with the hose.  Also note the BYU shirt, which Eleanor is obsessed with (thank you Erin!!)...
^^I just love all those little features!
^^There was lots and lots of monitored baby holding with Eleanor. 
^^This picture melts my heart.  Look at those cheeks already forming!
^^Pretty little flowers from my mom
^^There was lots of Grandma and Eleanor craft time.
^^Out on one of his first walks.  It was so nice to get some sun.
^^Aaron made sure that we got out of the house once a day even if just for a two minute walk.  It helped us all keep our sanity.
^^More Valentine's Day crafts with Grandma.
^^Soooo tired, the both of us!  Ford had just had his two day old doctors appt and the pediatrician sent us over to a lab to test Ford for jaundice.  I was pretty worn out and also stressed to be in a waiting room with potentially sick people all around us.  Thankfully we made it home in one piece and later learned that he didn't have jaundice.
^^Wonder woman!  She has the magic touch and could get Ford asleep better than any of us.  She by far pulled the most shifts that first week and I am just so grateful for her.
^^Wrapped up in the sweet dinosaur blanket our friend Arenda made for him
^^This picture cracks me up.  Eleanor made sure she was still getting plenty of attention and loved to take care of her pretend baby as well as her real baby.
^^She requested that Aaron put nearly every blanket we owned on top of her.
^^My view while nursing Ford.  It was Sunday and my mom had pulled up videos about Christ for Eleanor to watch since we couldn't go to church.

^^Soaking up the grandparent love!  My dad was able to come down on Saturday for a quick trip and it was so fun to see him with Ford.  We feel so blessed that our kids have such loving grandparents on both sides.

^^I saw this list of alarms on my phone and laughed.  You can tell when you have a brand new baby when you have alarms set through the night for feedings. Thankfully, we were able to let him stretch our longer by the second week.
^^Valentine's Day with one of my loves.
^^Making cookies with Grandma.  Eleanor is not shy about stealing bites of dough.  She gets this from both her mom and her dad. 

^^So much hair!  Eleanor was such a little baldy her first year that we are all amazed by Ford's hair.

^^Eleanor at the ready to give Ford his "peeko" any time he cries.
^^Grandpa taking on both kiddos at once.  Eleanor was not about to let Ford have all the fun with Grandpa alone.

And check out that cute profile.  She still has her cheeks!

^^Celebrating my birthday with the fam.  My birthday request was soft cookies topped with chocolate cookie dough ice cream and homemade hot fudge.  Seriously yummy!
^^Ford loves Grandma!

It was a great week full of snuggles.  

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