Youth Conference 2015

I spent early August at the coast with a group of over 100 youth.  Here's the backstory to that fun adventure...

Last June, I was called to work as the secretary in our Stake Young Women's Presidency and I have been amazed at the women I work with.  They had just finished planning and attending Girl's Camp when I came on board and they were already knee deep in prep for Youth Conference.  My first week "on the job" I was given a committee of 5 seniors and we started planning the All Camp activity for the final day of Youth Conference.  After many, many meetings, we headed to the coast for the first week in August for four days of Youth Conference fun (and work :)).

Aaron's parents were so kind to watch Eleanor that week in Riverside while Aaron worked and I was at conference.  That was the longest that we had been away from her and I savored every video they sent of her woof-ing like a dog.  It was hard being away but I'm so glad she had that time to bond with them.  Thank you Mark and Susan for watching her!

Youth Conference was a success and the youth seemed to have a really great time while also strengthening their faith in Christ.  I'm honored to be around such great people--both the youth and the leaders--and was really grateful for the opportunity to grow myself.  I was about 13 weeks pregnant at this point felt blessed with added energy to do all that I needed to.

At the end of the week, I drove down to Riverside to pick up Eleanor and then the next day we drove back home to Fresno.  It was a sweet reunion for sure :)

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