Beach Trip with the Beans and Nichols!

We decided that it had been too long since we got the three accounting amigos and their wives together so we planned a beach trip over Labor Day weekend and had a total blast catching up.

I've professed our love for the Beans and Nichols on here many times before but we just can't say it enough...these are the best people you can ever hope to find.  They are always so positive and uplifting that you can't help but feel better about yourself when you are with them.  We made several jokes about getting them all to move to Fresno (as we always do) but I don't know if they know how serious we were.  We meant it guys!

Brad and Laura kindly offered up Brad's family's beach house as our landing spot and we were just steps away from the beach.  We made meals, strolled downtown Morro Bay, played games, cooked s'mores and played in the water (at least the guys did, while wearing wet suits).  A major highlight was getting to watch the BYU football season opener against Nebraska.  Brad, Aaron and Richard tackled eachother (literally) out of excitement when Tanner Mangum threw the winning throw in the last play of the game.  There was so much screaming and hollering that Eleanor started crying.

We were sad to pull out on that last day but vowed to make a reunion happen soon.  Can't wait for the next Bean/McKell/Nichols reunion!

I didn't take tons of pictures but managed to get some (mostly of our day trip to Morro Bay).  For a better scoop on the whole thing (and more pictures too) check out Richard and Emily's post here.  But here's the gang for now...
 ^^Eleanor keeping herself entertained through the game
Love and miss you guys!

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