The Difference a Year Makes

We were in Riverside this past weekend visiting Aaron's parents and grandparents and had a great time.  Aaron hung out with his dad in the garage as he always does, talking shop.  I brought Eleanor in and Aaron scooped her up and sat in the front seat of the Mustang with her.  I took a couple photos only to realize later that it was almost exactly a year ago when Aaron's dad took the very same photo of these two in the Mustang.

So for fun, here's the side by side comparison.

April 2014 (Eleanor at 3 months)

March 2015 (Eleanor at 14 months)
Eleanor's hair has grown a bunch, even though she still doesn't have tons.  She still has wrist rolls now but definitely less so.

I love how her posture changes from the first photo to the second. She grabbed onto that steering wheel herself this time around and moved it around like she was driving.  This girl has Ford-loving blood running in her veins, no doubt.

Also, it was a total coincidence (although very convenient) that Aaron is wearing the same exact shirt.

And because I can't help it, here's one more of Eleanor at 3 months.
Those cheeks!!

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  1. Seriously!! The cheeks! I can't believe he was wearing the same shirt!! So lucky 😍