March Weekend in Riverside

March in Riverside is completely dreamy.  We drove in late Friday night and even with our windows rolled up we were overcome by the amazing scent of oranges from all the orange groves.  The weather was sunny but not too hot.  And then top that off with the chance to hang out with Aaron's parents and grandparents, it just couldn't have been any better.  Really.

We went down primarily to be there for Mark's first Stake Conference in the Stake Presidency.  He gave an amazing talk on Sunday about faith and getting back to the basics.  We were so glad that we were able to hear him deliver it in person.

And when we weren't in Stake Conference meetings, we just enjoyed being around the house together and getting the chance to watch Eleanor and her Grandpa laugh on the stairs.

Grammy and Grandpa McKell were also in town for the weekend and we loved catching up with them.  We sure miss our Provo days of Sunday dinners and BYU games with them at their house.  I especially loved getting to see Eleanor bond with Grammy over her dolly and patty cake.  I love that Eleanor has the chance to develop a relationship with her great-grandparents.
^^Eleanor's never been much of an "on the lips" kisser but she laid one on Nana our first night ;)
 ^^Another shot in the Mustang (see yesterday's post for what Eleanor looked like last year in this same spot).
^^They spruced up Mark's old bike and Aaron was excited to take it home to borrow til Aaron gets his own.  We are looking into buying bikes for me and Aaron and a trailer for Eleanor because we loved our last family bike ride so much.
Eleanor could have kept playing on those stairs with Grandpa for hours if we let her.  She got a kick out of it!  Here's a little video of the whole thing but the video really doesn't do the moment justice:

 ^^Playing Cover Your Assets.  If you're looking for a fun, short card game then I recommend this one!
^^I love babies in tights and I love babies in hedge hog backpacks.

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  1. Her grandparents love her so much! What a great family