My talented, filmmaking brother-in-law

My talented brother-in-law Patrick has a new movie coming out this October.  The movie is titled Just Let Go and tells the inspiring story of Chris Williams, a man who lost his pregnant wife and two children when a young drunk driver hit their car.

Patrick first filmed Chris Williams' story in a short video (you can watch it here) but has now made the story into a full feature length film, with Henry Ian Cusick from Lost playing Chris Williams.

It has been neat to have Patrick share the behind the scenes of making a movie with us.   The hours upon hours that goes into these films is mind blowing.  I respect Patrick so much for his hard work and talent and admire my sister Audrey so much for supporting her husband in his dreams.

I love that this movie touches on important themes everyone can all relate to--love, forgiveness, grief, justice and mercy.  The teaser trailer is fantastic (I've included it below) and I can't wait to see the full thing in October.
Way to go Patrick!

P.S. They've been sharing behind the scenes info and movie updates here if you want to keep posted on it til October. 

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