Want to see some of my favorite pictures of all time? {Pictures with the Parkers}

^^Can't you practically hear Henry straining to say "Cheese!" there on the left^^
A major perk to attending Brad and Laura's wedding in Utah was getting to stay at Audrey and Patrick's new house and catch up with them.  We got in at 3:30 am and let ourselves in to their house.  We had never been there before so thankfully Oliver had made us a sign along with arrows taped to the floor to show us the way to our bedroom.

The next morning before taking off for the wedding, we got to tour their house (which is beautiful!) and talk a little.  We saw them again a little that afternoon and then stayed up talking to Audrey and Patrick that night.

Sunday morning before church I took a couple pictures of the kids and then the whole family.  Those kids can simultaneously crack me up and melt my heart all in the same moment.  Every time I look at the pictures of little Henry straining to say "Cheese!" (and I have even more of them that I didn't post) I bust up laughing.  And then I look at the pictures of Remy acting all sweet and girly and just start wishing I could keep her.  And then I love the pictures I have of them mid-fight over who took who's spot on the bench.  It was a classic little 10 minute photo session.  I can't wait till they come out for Thanksgiving so we can spend even more time together.

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